Dynamic Car Rig in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I show you how to create a dynamic car rig in Cinema 4D. The rig uses the new Dynamics system that was introduced in R12 and we also use Xpresso to make everything easy to manage and use. You can download the scene file and play around with it. If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. See you in the next one.

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Welcome to Discovereal!

I am pleased to welcome all of you to Discovereal!

Discovereal will be a place for sharing knowledge with the world. I created it with the idea of sharing what I know how to do best in the form of tutorials and courses in diverse subject matters. Let me tell you this, though. Discovereal won’t be like any regular tutorial blog. I’ll show you why certain things work the way they work, and I’ll expect you to take that knowledge and use it in your own work to create something amazing.

Over the next couple of months I’ll create the following courses:

  • Car Modeling and Rigging in Cinema 4D – I’ll guide you through the complete process of modeling, texturing, shading and animating a car from scratch inside of Cinema 4D.
  • AP Physics C Course – Two courses in which we will explore everything related to the physical concepts you might encounter in the AP Physics C exams and we will go over a bunch of practice tests;
  • Calculus – Going over basics and moving to more advanced topics. Will include quizzes and practice problems and solution sets as well;
  • Web Development Courses – Starting with basic HTML and CSS and moving to more advanced topics such as PHP, MySQL, JS, and WordPress theme development;

These are some of the things planned for the upcoming 2014. If you have any requests for tutorials, feel free to share them and I’ll try my best to go over every request.

It’s an honor for me to launch Discovereal as it has been a dream in the making for three years and now it is here.

Have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and I’ll see you in 2014 with Discovereal’s first tutorial!